ANNE BONNIE Volume 2 Trade Paperback MONSTERS & MAGI is now available from Blue Juice Comics. The volume 2 trade collects ANNE BONNIE Issues 7-9, plus the first ever ANNE BONNIE one-shots, sPYRATES and GUMMERBLOT DAY into one book. It’s available in comic book stores across the country, here on, and digitally via Comixology.

Sail back to the Great Sea, where Ariana and the crew of The Crimson Dawn have freed the Shattered Isles from the clutches of the evil Bilgehart! The Journey continues as an all-out pirate battle descends upon Ariana and her new comrades, and some familiar faces aim to take away the freedom that she has rightfully stolen. But the true danger lurking in the deep is something nobody expects. Old friends and new foes are revealed in Anne Bonnie Volume 2: Monsters & Magi.

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