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The Accelerators

(2013 – Present)

The Accelerators tells the story of a group of reluctant time travelers who find themselves stranded in a future where time travel itself has become a deadly game.

Aether and Empire

“The Accelerators is an indie masterpiece, a real must-read.” – MCM Buzz

A band of reluctant time travelers find themselves trapped in a future where time travel has left the world in ruins. There, they become prisoners of the Time Games, a gladiator arena that steals people from different points in history and forces them to fight for the pleasure of the crowd. Our heroes struggle to survive the Games and escape from this nightmarish apocalypse, but with no way back, the future may be their only hope.

The Accelerators was created and written by R.F.I. Porto, with pencils and inks by Gavin Smith. The entire series is available from Blue Juice Comics.

The Accelerators is available in print here at Blue Juice Comics, Barnes and Nobel, Amazon and a local comic book store near you. It is also available digitally at Comixology.

Available at Amazon Available at Comixology Available at Barnes & Noble

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