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Knights of the 5th Dimension

(2017 – Present)

Blue Juice Comics and Walt Flanagan present this psychedelic adventure into the bronze age of comics.

Aether and Empire

“An Homage to the Bronze Age of Comics”

KNIGHTS OF THE 5th DIMENSION is a love letter to Bronze Age comic books and an homage to the Jack Kirby creations that still adorn comic book shelves, movie screens, and TV sets everywhere. From the minds of artist Walter Flanagan (BATMAN: THE WIDENING GYRE, AMC’s COMIC BOOK MEN, TELL ‘EM STEVE-DAVE), Writer Casey Van Heel (PALOOKA, THE CIVIL FOUR), and Colorist Wayne Jansen (METRO, CRYPTOZOIC MAN), Edited by Thomas Mumme and published by Blue Juice Comics (THE ACCELERATORS, ANNE BONNIE, ÆTHER & EMPIRE).

 Issue #1 will be available from Blue Juice Comics in comic book stores everywhere in the summer of 2022. PRE-ORDERS of the Trade Paperback are now online.

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