THE ACCELERATORS Volume 3 Trade Paperback RELATIVITY is now available from Blue Juice Comics. The volume 3 trade collects THE ACCELERATORS Issues 11-15 into one book. It’s available in comic book stores across the country, here on and digitally via Comixology.

THE ACCELERATORS Volume 3 Trade Paperback RELATIVITY starts with our heroes have been scattered across the timeline, and must find a way to reunite. Spatz has been stranded in a distant future controlled by an insane gang of Time Criminals, with no chance of escape. Meanwhile, the rest of the group arrives at the mythical 88th Century, where they meet an older version of Spatz, who seems to have gone completely insane. How many Spatzes are there, and what do they really want?
This acclaimed series features time-warping artwork by Gavin Smith (Human City), with a story by creator and screenwriter R.F.I. Porto.

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