Aether & Empire – Issue #4

Aether & Empire – Issue #4 – “Through Science, A Requiem”

At the height of Victoria’s reign, a scientific expedition to Mars has vanished and the daring rescue mission is now a race against time and space. When control is wrested from fellow scientists and given to a heroic crew of Her Majesty’s Navy, can the two groups work together to save the men of the first voyage? Jules Verne meets Star Trek in Æther & Empire, a tale of adventure, mystery, and terror from Blue Juice Comics!

Chapter 4 of this 6-part series: In the depths of space, the scientists investigate the newly discovered alien ship. A brilliant, but nefarious physician conducts an insidious experiment, and the mission’s commanders prepare for the worst.

Written by • Mike Horan | Pencils • Bong Ty Dazo | Inks • Bond Ty Dazo |  Colors • Tim Yates | Letters • Crank! | Covers • Tim Yates | Editors • Thomas Mumme & Adam Miller

Scenes from Aether & Empire – Issue #4

Aether & Empire - Issue #4Aether & Empire - Issue #4Aether & Empire - Issue #4