Blue Juice ComicsBlue Juice Comics is the comic book publishing arm or Blue Juice Films, Inc. (www.bluejuicefilms.com)

Founded by Thomas Mumme, Adam Miller, Jeremy Schneider, and Michael Misconi in February 2012 to develop, create, and publish THE ACCELERATORS, Blue Juice Comics also publishes the acclaimed titles ANNE BONNIE and ÆTHER & EMPIRE, as well as the horror anthology GROWING DARK with Kristopher Triana and the children’s book DUDLEY & THE TOY KEEPER’s CHEST, created by POEM Pictures Patrick Algermissen. (www.poemfilms.com)







More Bios

R.F.I.Porto – Writer/Creator

Gavin Smith – Pencils & Inks

Tim Yates – Colorist

Crank! – Letterer

Walter Flanagan – Cover Pencils

Thomas Mumme – Editor

Mike Horan – Writer/Creator

Bong Ty Dazo – Pencils & Inks