Welcome to Blue Juice Comic’s exclusive Retailers and Reviewers page. Inside this section, you will see a list of our titles and the complimentary digital review copies that we have provided for you. Access to these digital review copies is restricted and you will be prompted for a password to gain access. To obtain a password, please use the contact forms below and let us know if you are a retailer or a media member looking to conduct reviews. Once we have reviewed your request, we will assign you a password if approved.

These digital copies are meant for review and retail sample purposes only. No part of these files may be reproduced or transmitted, in any form or by any means (except for short excerpts for review purposes), without the express written permission of Blue Juice Comics.

In addition, to review copies, we value our Retail partners and therefore we do honor Diamond pricing for all Retailers and would be happy to fulfill any backorder issue or re-stock requests that you cannot complete through Diamond. Simply let us know in the retailer contact form if you would like to place a retailer order with us.

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To gain access to Blue Juice Comics’ review copies, please use one of the two forms below. If you are a retailer, please use the Retailer contact form. If you are a media member looking for review copies, please use the Reviewer contact form.